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Allflex RS420 60CM Bluetooth Reader

Allflex RS420 60CM Bluetooth Reader

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Product Description

The Allflex RS420 Portable Hand-Held RDR 60cm w/Bluetooth Dual ISO is a great rugged, EID reader option for electronically reading and capturing the 15-digit EID numbers.

The reader features a screen so you can easily see the scanned EID number and also the number of EIDs that have been scanned. The visual and audible indicators provide confirmation of a successful scan.

This EID reader is Apple iOS compatible with iPhones and iPads. Store up to 100,000 records in sessions with time and date stamp.

The RS420 reader can read HDX (Half Duplex) and FDX (Full Duplex) EID tags. The read range of EID tags by the reader is about 16 inches.

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