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Common Questions

Q: Is there a charge for this?

A: This app is free. You just need to create an account (for free) to use the app.

Q: Do I need to have a CattleMax account?
A: Not for Sessions mode, but you need one for CattleMax mode. 

Q: Is an Internet connection needed?
A: If you are using the Sessions mode only, an Internet connection is not needed as the connection is made via Bluetooth. An Internet connection on the iPhone/iPad is needed if you want to email the file to yourself or someone else. In addition, an Internet connection is needed to use the CattleMax mode of the app.

Q: Can I use any EID reader with the app?
A: No. Currently, the app is only configured to operate with the models listed above.

Q: What devices does it currently run on?
A: iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Q: Who developed TagMax?
A: TagMax is developed by Cattlesoft Inc, developers of the CattleMax herd management software and an authorized distributor of Allflex and Tru-Test products

Q: How about Android, Windows Mobile, Kindle Fire, etc?
A: Depending on interest and response, we may support additional devices in the future.

Q: What happened to The Cattle Tags App?
A: Before being called TagMax, this app was called "The Cattle Tags App". We updated the name to better reflect the functionality of the app and also as other compatible EID readers have been added.

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Notes about using the app

  • Install TagMax for iOS from the Apple App Store or TagMax for Android from the Google Play Store
  • Ensure your EID Reader is updated to the latest software as well as firmware
  • You will be asked to allow TagMax to access your location. Click "Allow" as this permission is needed for obtaining the GPS coordinates that are stored with your scans
  • New to the idea of EID? Interested in a complete herd management solution, such as EID + software? We can help! One of the biggest things we can help you with is to ask you questions and help you through the answers.

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The CattleMax software makes it easy to track and manage your cattle. It's a complete software for cow-calf ranches of all sizes, with several editions available depending on your needs. Access your cattle records anytime, anywhere, on any device.