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How TagMax Works - TagMax

Sessions Mode

Create a session and scan tags. Optionally enter a visual ID (ear tag) and/or weight. After scanning cattle, you can email your session file (spreadsheet) to yourself or someone else on the ranch. This functionality does not require an Internet connection.

CattleMax Mode

Scan an animal's EID tag and have it loaded up in your CattleMax Online account. When an EID is scanned, the matching animal record will be displayed in CattleMax. If the EID number is not found, you'll have the option to add the EID to an existing animal record or to create a new animal record.

Compatible EID Readers

Below is a list of EID readers that are compatible with TagMax for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and TagMax for Android. 

Need an EID reader? You can order a reader from or and help support the continued development of TagMax.

Allflex EID Readers

Allflex AWR300 Allflex LPR

Tru-Test EID Readers

Tru-Test SRS2 Tru-Test XRS2